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CCA 2010 Sale Carvings - Page 2 of 5

Gary Falin



I thought an old geezer giving his opinion on "global warming" would be a good piece. He’s orating to anybody in ear shot, or is it shod?

Size: 11" tall, 11.5" wide, 7" deep

Sale price $1000.00

Gene Fuller

"Morning Meditation Interruptus"

While studying the great religions of the world I became intrigued by the idea of carving a cowboy Buddha.  Originally I was going to carve a rough edged cowboy in the meditation pose but settled on a more conventional figure sitting on his bedroll beside a fire pit with boots off and a book on Zen meditation tucked in beside him.  I needed something to disturb the meditation process because to the observer that is like watching grass grow or paint dry.  I thought of what would disrupt the concentration of even the most astute student of Zen.  I realized that the odor of a skunk and the sound of it rustling nearby would cause even the most intrepid student to open at least one eye to appraise the situation and seeing that it had an attraction to his boot might heighten his concern.  Carving is a creative adventure that can take many different directions during the process and that is what makes it so much fun.

Size: 9" h x 12" w x 8" d

Sale price $500.00

Desiree Hajny

"There's Always Hope" 

The rainbow symbolizes hope for generations to come.  All families have great expectations for their youth, and it is through the efforts of our coming generations to correct mistakes of the past.

Size: 9" h x 6" w X 4" d   

Sale price $425.00

Bruce Henn 

"Cavalary Scout"

The Cavalry Scout was always out ahead of the troops. Here he is posed atop a rocky ledge on a cool morning, watching for anything or anyone who would do harm to the troops.  He has on a buffalo robe for warmth.  The painting on his back is the Native American "Sacred Circle of Life".

Size: 9" h x 3" w x 3" d with a base of 4" x 4" x 1"  

Sale price $495.00



Eldon Humphreys

"Hi and Low Notes"

Even the most sophisticated professionals have their embarrassing moments and for Mr. Low Note, this is one of them.  The only thiing he is thankful for is that he was not wearing his "Poo Bear" underwear.  These maestros were finished using WOOD BLEACH and then colored over.  There is no white paint used on this piece.

Size: 15" h x 10" w x 3.5" d, including base

Sale price $1200.00


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