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CCA 2010 Sale Carvings - Page 4 of 5

Floyd Rhadigan


"A Friend in Need!"

A friend is someone who knows you, who is always there with a helping hand.  They are always ready to cover your back, to loan you a buck, or give you a share of the prize.  A toast to all good friends.

Size: 18" h  x  12" w x 12" d   

Sale price $1600.00


David Sabol

"The Pie Thief"

The pie thief is carved from one piece of pine, and pained in oils. He is part of a series of turn of the century street orphans that I fell in love with. Living on the streets, this young boy found a lone blueberry pie, cooling on a window sill. Afraid something might happen to it, he lifted it from the sill to protect it. By sheer accident, a piece fell out. Not wanting it to go to waste, he took a bite. Orphans have little to eat, but as is common, will always share what little they have, even if it's with a lonely, hungry orphaned chickadee. That’s the end of this bed-time story….now go to sleep. 

Size: 11.5" tall, 6.5" wide, 6.25" deep

Sale price $925.00


Joe Schumacher

"Who's Conning Who?"  

Who’s Conning Who? The city slicker or Con man always thinks he can con any local yokel, but sometimes that thinking backfires on him. This scene portrays that exact occurrence with the local yokel and his son turning the tables on the Con man. When I first thought up the idea for this scene I was thinking about the original shell game with the nut shells and a pea, but my twisted mind conjured up turtle shells and an unhappy working turtle.

Size: 12.5" h x 12" w x 12" d

Sale price $950.00


Dave Stetson


Humans are a curious breed...each one with an opinion and only theirs has validity.  Discussions of individual opinions are interesting in that the human of the first part will always try to influence the human of the second part.  Reading into the situation what you may is the reason my work is usually untitled.  Just three guys in a healthy discussion.

Size: 11" h x 9 " w x 5" d

Sale price $1500.00




Dennis Thornton

"Another Peace Treaty"

In the long standing history of war and peace we have seen many times the trust between men.  Sometimes this trust is only as great as one can see.  Here the General ("Boy! I have a deal for you") offers the Chief ("I will believe it when I see it") the newest Peace treaty from Washington.  As you can see, with their weapons at the ready, even their faithful steeds have their doubts.

Size: 11 1/2 " h X 17 1/2" w X 8" d

Sale price $950.00



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