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CCA 2010 Sale Carvings - Page 5 of 5

Bob Travis


"False Alarm"

Well, we thought breakfast was about to be served....but that danged old steer went and messed things up.  The beans are under his foot and the coffee is on the ground.  After the commotion subsided, it turned out that the call for breakfast was a "False Alarm." 

Size: Cook 10" tall, Steer is 6"  Base 12" w x 7" d

Sale price $500.00

Jack Williams

"Got Balls"

I had the idea of a juggler of balls but it presented certain challenges. First it is a no brainer to have a ball in each hand but since we can't have a ball in the air another way to show action was to have a mis-pitched ball land on the brim of his hat.  From that point the carving continued to evolve and to give his act a degree of difficulty I placed him on a board balanced on what else but a ball. I then needed a base which naturally became another ball displaying the title "Got Balls?" with a ball showing motion that is an element of the question mark. 

Size: 16 1/4" h x 6" w x 6" d

Sale price $2500.00

Tom Wolfe

"Unavoidable Delay"  

In my youth we didn't think makin’ good clean liquor was wrong, but we did think the government saying we couldn't was.  However they proved me wrong about whiskey stills.  Without giving proof of guilt I do know what a still looks like. In my misguided youth I had some experience with “moonshinen.” The one in my carving is like one of the Mays family stills I helped make liquor on some 50 years ago. I never knowed a moon-shiner that didn't coon hunt, which gave them a reason to be in the woods at night.  So, large carvings like this one start small and just keep growing.  I carved the still first and one thing lead to the next……you just have to know when to stop.

Size: 16" h x 24" w x 12" d

Sale price $4500.00

Joe You

"Pair of Parrots' Pirate"

This is the sequel twin brother to "Pair of Pirate's Parrots" [Please see the "Caricature Carver's Showcase" book].  Other than the inserted blade of the sword this is an original woodcarving created out of one piece of wood.  Nothing has been assembled.  "Pair of Pirate's Parrots" and "Pair of Parrot's Pirate" are original carvings and no more will be carved.

Size: 11.75" h x 6.5" w x 5.5" d

Sale price $1200.00



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