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Date of Award


Belinda Pierce WA 9/26/1997
  Dennis Thornton NY 9/26/1997 North Jersey Woodcarvers Show,NY
  Joe You CA 5/3/1998 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  ED Zinger KA  1/1/1999 Great Plains Woodcarvers Show,KA
  Lyle Pascal CA 5/6/1999 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  Lynn Doughty OK 3/3/2000 Great Plains Woodcarvers Show,KA
  Steve Gore KA 4/4/2000 Topeka Kansas Wood Carving Show,KA
  Tom Webster AR 5/4/2000 Mountain Home Wood Carving Show,AR
  Lee Truan CA 5/9/2000 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  Jim Dupont IL  6/20/2000 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA
  Dave Stephens ID 3/3/2001 Idaho Woodcarvers Guild Competition, ID
  Vicki Bishop OK 3/4/2001 Great Plains Woodcarvers Show,KA
  Bob Kinder IA 4/5/2001 Topeka Kansas Wood Carving Show,KA
  Keith Dumas CA 5/6/2001 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  Jack Ryan AR 5/6/2001 Mountain Home Wood Carving Show,AR
  Ronnie Reed MI 6/21/2001 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA
  James Johnson WA 1/19/2002 Lincoln City, OR
  Robert Howarth CA 3/2/2002 Idaho Woodcarvers Guild Competition, ID
  Jerry Babb WA 3/9/2002 Kitsap County Woodcarvers, WA
  Terry O'Reilly PA 4/6/2002 Abington, PA
  Joan Griffiths NY 5/4/2002 Mohawk Valley Show, NY
  Keith Dumas CA 5/5/2002 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  Jack Williams TN 6/20/2002 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA
  Debbie Barr PA 7/13/2002 Cook Forest WC show, PA
  Ben Donaghy MI 9/29/2002 Tri-City Carvers, MI
  James Hooper OK 10/12/2002 Oklahoma City Woodcarvers Club, OK
  Frank Warrington WA 10/12/2002 Spokane Artistry in Wood, WA
  Bill Jenkins NE 10/18/2002 Omaha, NE Show
  Earl Rowan KS 11/2/2002 Kaw Valley Woodcarvers Show,KS
  Charles Hoefer TX 11/2/2002 Golden Spread Woodcarvers,TX
  Rick Ferry WA 11/9/2002 Northwest Carvers Assoc.Show,WA
  Fredrick Jurey WA 3/1/2003 Idaho Woodcarvers Guild Competition, ID
  William Kubisiak WI  3/15/2003 Wisconsin River Woodcarvers Show
  Clark Maddox WA 3/15/2003 Southwest Washington Woodcarvers Show
  Charles Bailey AR 5/3/2003 North Arkanas Woodcarvers,AR
  James Harvey NY 5/4/2003 Mohawk Valley Show, NY
  Robert Maiers IA 6/20/2003 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA
  Pete Waslis PA 7/8/2003 Cooks Forest Show PA
  Jim O'Harra OH  7/19/2003 Eastern Woodland Carvers Show,OH
  Ed Sowulewski MI 9/28/2003 Tri-City Carvers, MI
  Jerry Bardin NJ 10/25/2003 North Jersey Woodcarvers Show,NY
  Rod Flinchbaugh PA 10/25/2003 Conewaho Carvers Woodcarving Show
  Gary Falin TN 10/26/2003 National Caricature Carvers Show,TN
  Scott Brown IN 11/15/2003 Dayton Show
  John Nelson TX 11/23/2003 Amarillo Show,TX
  Eileen Whaley OR 1/17/2004 Coastal Carvers Show,OR
  Glenn Stewart KY 3/6/2004 Maimi Valley Wood Carvers,OH
  John Anderson CA 3/14/2004 Ramona Country Carvers Show,CA
  Kay Bleiler WA 3/21/2004 Southeast Wash Woodcarvers Show,WA
  Donald Burgdorf TN 5/1/2004 Mountain Home Wood Carving Show,AR
  Ed Clegg  CA 5/1/2004 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  Sandy Smith AZ 6/26/2004 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA
  Andy Hoover PA 7/10/2004 Cook Forest WC show, PA
  John Andre CAN 10/2/2004 Ontario Wood Show
  Roger Newhouse MI 10/8/2004 Wonders in Wood,Iron Mt. MI
  Roger Burkhart NC 10/30/2004 Catawba Valley Woodcarvers, NC
  Rob Arnberger AZ 11/6/2004 Southewest Wood Carvers Show, AZ
  Floyd Rhadigan MI 11/14/2004 Dayton Show
  Mark Akers SC 2/19/2005 Charlotte Showcase of Woodcarving
  Patrick Fitzerald NC 2/19/2005 Charlotte Showcase of Woodcarving
  Mike Jackson NC 2/19/2005 Charlotte Showcase of Woodcarving
  Robert Sorensen AZ 2/19/2005 16th Desert Woddcarving Show,AZ
  Jame E. Smith IN 4/5/2005 Duneland, IN
  Diana Nunes CA 5/20/2005 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  Gene Davenport TN 6/4/2005 Blue Plum Festival TN
  Larry Baldridge MO   6/24/2005 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA
  Andy Hoover PA 7/9/2005 Cooks Forest Show PA
  Maris McGowen IN    7/16/2005 EWCC  Converse,IN
  Ed Sowulewski MI 9/25/2005 Tri-City Carvers, MI
  Mitchell Cartledge NC 10/29/2005 Catawba Valley Woodcarvers, NC
  Paul Enochs IL  11/5/2005 Belleville Midwestern Wood Carvers
Mitchell Cartledge NC 2/18/2006 Charlotte Showcase of Woodcarving
  Brian Smith WA 4/22/2006 Quilceda Carvers
  Kathi Clark AR 5/6/2006 North Arkanas Woodcarvers,AR
  Ed Santarosa CA 5/6/2006 Capital Woodcarvers Assoc. Show,CA
  Robert Sorensen AZ 6/24/2006 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA
  Don Mertz OH  9/30/2006 Dollywood Show
  Millard Harrell KS 10/13/2006 Kaw Valley Woodcarvers Show,KS
  Art  Mann NE 10/20/2006 NAWA Omaha
 John Karalunas MI 10/22/2006 Saline Woodcarving Show
Don Mertz OH 10/27/2006 Sauder Village
  Bob Biermann MO   11/11/2006 Dayton Show
 George Jensen SD 2/17/2007 Desert Woodcarving Show
 Andrew Hiroshima CA 5/5/2007 Capitol Carvers Spring Show
Gray William Earl TN 5/5/2007 Moutain Home Show
Foster Jim OH  6/3/2007 Johnny Appleseed Show
Zavadil Fred ON 6/24/2007 Int. Congress, Davenport, IA                    
Plunkett Charles MI 8/4/2007 Livonia Woodcarvers Show
Paul Driscoll IA 9/21/2007 CCA Comp.
Wayne Shinlever TN 10/5/2007 Dollywood Show                                       
Mark Akers SC 10/27/2007 Hickory N.C. Show
James Hiser PA 10/27/2007 Conewego Carvers Show
John Hane OH  11/10/2007 Dayton Show
  Mark Akers SC 2/16/2008 Charlotte Showcase of Woodcarving
  Robert Sorensen AZ 2/17/2008 19th Desert Woodcarving Show
Timothy Rathman WA 3/15/2008 Southeast Washington
Nelson Krouse CA 5/4/2008 Capitol woodCarvers Of Sacremento
Fred Zavadil On. 6/6/2008 AWC
kevin Wentz IN 7/18/2008 Converse Ind.
Robert Malocha MI 10/18/2008 Saline Carvers Show
Rod Flinchbaugh PA 10/26/2008 Conewego Carvers Show
Pat Moore ND 11/02//2008 Midwestern Woodcarvers Show
John Hoesman OH 11/9/2008 Artistry in Wood
Rich   Puls  AZ 2/22/2009 Desert Woodcarving Show
Randy True        IN 3/7/2009 Middleton,OH.
John Guillozet OH. 4/4/2009 Raintree Carvers
Curtis E. Shirkey AR 5/3/2009 North Arkansas Woodcarvers
Fred Cogelow MN 6/17/2009 Int. Congress
Tammy Roe IN 7/18/2009 EWCC  Converse,IN
Gary Cichy IL  8/30/2009 CCA NATIONAL
David Borg TX 9/5/2009 Sangamon Valley Woodcarvers
Ernest Hill CT 10/3/2009 Dollywood
David Borg TX 10/17/2009 TX woodcarvers Guild's Fall Extravaganza
Ed      Sowulewski MI 10/18/2009 Frankenmuth Woodcarvers Guild
Pat Moore ND 11/02//2009 Midwestern Woodcarvers Show
Jim Willis MO   11/14/2009 Artistry in Wood
James Lloyd KS 11/21/2009 Kaw Valley Woodcarvers Show,KS
Jim Gingerella FL 1/23/2010 FL.Winter Nat.wood art expo                    
Karen Berg AZ 2/20/2010 21st Desert Woodcarving Show                  
Don  Ward OH 3/7/2010 Miami Valley Woodcarvers
John Robbins NE 3/14/2010 Cranes on the Platte Woodcarving Show
Andrew Hiroshima CA 5/2/2010 Wonders in wood, Sacremento
Andrew Cain KS 6/19/2010 AWC
Rusty  Johnson OK 10/28'2010 EWOC - Tulsa
Larry Baldridge MO   11/13/2010 Artistry in Wood
Becky Anthony TX 1/22/2011 Rio Grand Valley Woodcarvers Show
Doug Keller OH 2/5/2011 Woodcarver's Den Show
Jerry Berg AZ 2/13/2011 Dessert Carvers Mesa AZ
Fred Ainge PA 4/10/2011 Deleware Valley 
Nelson Krouse CA 5/8/2011 Sacremento Spring Show
Nicholas Barchuk NJ 10/22/2011 North Jersey Woodcarvers Show,NY
Ron  Dowdy IL  11/6/2011 Belleville Midwestern Wood Carvers
Robert Gorczyca CO 1/21/2012 Rio Grand Valley Woodcarvers Show
James Quilici CA 5/7/2012 Sacremento Spring Show
Roy Tester TN 10/30/12 Catawba Valley Woodcarvers, NC
Ray Price OH 11/11/12 Artistry in Wood  
David Keyes TX 1/18/13 Rio Grand Valley Woodcarvers Show
Don Morris AZ 2/16/13 Desert Woodcarving Show
Chuck Ruble MI 4/6/13 Greater Lansing CC Show
Norm Rutledge AR 5/5/13 NAWC
Chuck Marr WA 5/5/13 Sacremento Spring Show 
Wayne  Laramore IL  11/2/13 Belleville Midwestern Wood Carvers             
Don Burgdorf TN 6/22/13 Gathering of Woodcarvers Reunion 
Tim Hataway  OK 11/3/13 Golden Spread Woodcarvers, Tx
Mitch Anthony TX 1/18/14 R.G.V. Woodcarver's 
Bart Wilson GA 2/22/14 2014 Charlotte Showcase
Karen Berg AZ 2/22/14 21st Desert 
Norm Sullivan ID 2/26/14 Idaho Artistry in Wood
John Karalunas MI 3/23/14 Metro Carvers of Michigan
Larry Eichler MI 4/18/14 Greater Lansing 
Mike Mayberry MS 5/3/14 NAWC-35th Annual-MTN Home Ar
Robert Young CA 5/13/14 Capital Woodcarvers 
John Susin IL 10/18/14 Artistry in Wood
Ron Dowdy NC 10/18/14 Catawba Valley Woodcarvers
Bob Howarth CA 2/15/15 Desert Woodcarving
James Quilici CA 5/3/15 Capital Woodcarvers 
Jim LeClaire GA 10/22/15 Renegade Woodcarvers Roundup
Bob Hershey PA 10/24/15 Conewago
Jean McDonald OH 10/24/15 Sauder Village Woodcarver's
Mike Whittier AL 11/7/15 Mid-South Woodcarving Show & Competition
Carole Jean Boyd AL 11/8/15 Belleville Woodcarving
Mike Sullivan FL 2/13-16/16 Treasure Coast Woodcarvers
Fred Taylor KS 5/15/16 Wichita
Don Percell CA 5/21/16 Capital Woodcarvers Association
Max Healy UT 10/7/16 Utah Valley Woodcarvers
Tom Jacobson MI 10/8/16 Saline Carvers
Roger Stegall TN 10/20/16 Renegade Woodcarvers Roundup
Ken Kohl OH 10/30/16 Sauder Village Woodcarvers
Jim Feather OH 11/15/16 Artistry in Wood
Bob Brubaker OH 3/1/17 Treasure Coast Woodcarvers
Maurice Van Hook NC 3/4/17 Charlotte Woodcarver's Club
Wayne Laramore TN 4/3/17 Renegade Woodcarvers Roundup
Rusty Johnson OK 6/13/17 I. W. C.


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